Viral Concerns

Viral Concerns

If you are ill PLEASE stay home. But based on the evidence I’ve been able to see the chances of gatherings on the scale of our collective practice is exceedingly small

Since we have confirmed cases of the corona virus in the area, and in the interest of our collective safety, I will be stepping up the already detailed cleaning regimen I follow. I will also temporarily be removing bolsters and blankets for the studio and the practice until I can set up a comprehensive cleaning strategy for them.

And I will ask you to use appropriate social distancing by spacing mats and gear 6 feet apart from each other.

Remember that I do not expire/set time limits on your use of class passes deciding to take a break from practice will not be harmful to you economically. And I would encourage you to consider some of the on line yoga guidance that is available to you if you are at all uncomfortable with meeting in person.

Stay well yogi’s




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